Fly here, fly there, we'll be wherever you needs us, whenever you need us.


Whether you're coming or going

Although MILES is only on the ground in Philadelphia, our network of drivers are all over the United States because we're just as concerned with your travels when you're away, as we are when you're home. We've developed a system using technology that is so advanced that our users flying most anywhere around the country (and soon Canada) can always depend on us for a fast, reliable and affordable ride. Our technology does some pretty cool things that results in you never waiting, being late or delayed when traveling - this way you can get where you have to go when you're supposed to, stress free. We service all major U.S. airports (and soon Canada); we know exactly when you take off, when you land, if your flight is early or delayed and we use this information to provide prompt, convenient, reliable service to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.