A Ride Worth Taking

MILES is committed to providing the safest, most efficient and affordable ride share service in Philadelphia. We've developed numerous technologies to ensure that we are successful in our mission.


General Benefits of riding with miles

  • Guaranteed lower fare

  • Real customer service via Chat

  • Discounts

  • No peak time rate increase

  • Connect seamlessly with public transportation

  • Roundtrip, discounts when coming and going

  • Miles><, ride with people you know

  • Pin, member feature

  • Touch, premium feature

  • Tap, premium feature

  • 30 minute max. time charges

  • And much more


Subscription benefits (optional)

  • Create your own subscription

  • Pay once for all of your projected trips

  • Never pay higher rates due to demand

  • Price lock, pay what you're quoted

  • Exclusive rates, pay even less per trip

  • Schedule your trips up to one year in advance

  • Eliminate the hassle of paying for every trip

  • Travel as far as your created plan will take you

  • Tolls are included in your plan

  • Use your plan for work and play

  • Cancel at any time for a prorated refund

  • Gain access to additional rider benefits

  • Always have a ride when you need it

  • Take control of your transportation budget


membership benefits (optional)

  • $14.99/quarter (optional)

  • Member only features

  • Max. Mileage rate: $1.75/mi

  • First 7 miles @ $7.95

  • No surge pricing

  • first 15 minutes of travel time free

  • Price lock, pay what you're quoted

  • Discounts

  • Book and earn points

  • Random free rides

  • Guaranteed lower fare

  • No travel time charges after 30 billed minutes


Different factors may affect the price quote of your trip, such as toll(s), travel time, wait time, taxes, airport fees, and other fees. However, your trip will always be lower than competitors.