Drive more, Do more

MAke your time on the road worh it.

Ride sharing was created with the intent to provide faster, more affordable rides to passengers choosing this form of transportation, and to enable every day drivers to earn extra money in their spare time. In some ways, part of this initiative has been accomplished.

Passengers are getting rides a lot faster, however, at a duopoly price point (when there are only two market leaders (i.e. Uber and Lyft)). But, before MILES, Drivers were still suffering, not earning nearly as much as they were sold to earn by billboards and banner ads.

MILES is committed to providing a fair system that benefits both Riders and Drivers, which led to the development of equally beneficial features for both user interfaces. Our Drivers pay much less commission to the company, and only for a period of time, which is one benefit that results in higher earnings.

MILES also has innovative ways to earn from each trip, while not burdening the Driver with excessive fees. In addition, MILES believes in bonuses and rewards, all the time, for those Drivers that love to drive with us, we reward our top dedicated drivers with more than a thank you and a digital badge.

There is just too little space here to fit all of the great benefits of driving with MILES, join us to experience what we have to offer, because merely talking about it does no justice.