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MILES Drivers will earn a flat rate per mile (the rate fluctuates during certain times of the day, but will never decrease below the base rate). Our new model for Driver earnings is efficient in ensuring that our partners earn fair wages. Instead of leaving Drivers in the dark with how much they're earn, MILES will provide a way for Drivers to project their daily earnings. In addition, Drivers will earn a bonus on most trips during high demand and at random times of the day. Further, MILES will only retain $1.00 (trips $15.00 or less) to $2.50 (trips $15.50 or more) per trip from Drivers earnings. Regardless of how many trips the Driver completes in a days work, they will only be deducted $1.00 to $2.50 each trip. The position MILES creates for Drivers will result in high volume and more frequent, longer distance trips, this will enable Drivers to earn more money in less time than working with competitor companies. Lastly, MILES has a minimum earnings commitment, which is where we ensure that each Driver earns a minimum of $150 per day (terms & conditions apply).

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*Claim you Driver account now. Driver signups will be capped at 3,500 Drivers in the city of Philadelphia and 7,500 Drivers for the Delaware Valley. Those signing up after these quotas have been met will go into queue and be offered a position on a rolling basis as positions open.

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