Free Your Finances 

Financial freedom is a mere pitch by other ride share companies. MILES changes that dynamic, we've worked very hard to develop a service that is equal to our Drivers and Riders in Philadelphia. We've developed our business with common sense technology and a fare system that addresses both sides of the spectrum. Among many other features and benefits, we cap Drivers to regulate demand amongst in-network Drivers. Also, our Riders pay a competitive rate, one that will keep them loyal to our service, which in turn keeps you as a Driver busy with trips. With this persistent workflow, we incorporate bonuses, pay for dead miles (returning from long trips), and other incentives to make your time working with us fun and financially rewarding.



Benefits of Driving With MILES

There is a whole lot coming to the MILES platform to benefit our Drivers and their mission to earn on their own time. Over the span of the next five years we will test and implement several ways of earning guaranteed money; including hourly contracts, Reserve, on-demand, and much more.

  • Trip Clusters

  • Bonuses

  • Reserve

  • PilePay

  • Post

  • Rank

  • Higher earnings

  • Hourly pay*

  • Dead miles compensation*

  • Rolling contract pay options*

  • No commission after 12 months

  • Bump, equivalent to Surge/Prime Time, but a flat fee (100% yours)


*Details will be provided upon your approval to drive with MILES.

Earn more

Driving with MILES you'll earn more by comparison than working with other ride sharing companies. We have a system that by design puts more money in your pockets, while also offering fair rates to our Riders. From our fare structure to our concern for Driver earnings to our personal attention to user issues ensures that our Riders and our Driver partners will be continually satisfied with our service offerings. Further, with members of our managing team having been both Riders and Drivers of Uber and Lyft, we possess an honest perspective on these issues. Lastly, we ensure that our Drivers are fully aware of how they earn money, how we earn money, and how much we bill our customers. Being transparent with our partners allows us to maintain an open and honest dialogue concerning the fairness in cempensation and treatment of our valued Drivers.


Bonuses & more

Who doesn't like bonuses and regular pay and control over their finances? When you drive more, you earn more, both through trip volume and random bonuses. Also, with some of our cool technology we have ways for you to lock in your work for the day or even a week in advance. As a Driver the benefits are endless, you aren't just succeeding at financial freedom, if you joined early, you've secured one of a limited amount of Driver spots, which means you're an exclusive partner with the best ride sharing service in Philadelphia.

No more commissions

You probably think we’re crazy, don’t you? We aren’t, we promise. Commission to us cuts directly into your earnings. But to be fair, the commission system was designed to help support ride share platforms, also it is considered your fair share of contribution for your ability to receive trips on said platforms. However, we’ve discovered some very creative ways to eliminate this cost and put more money in your pockets. We’ll tell you more about it when you apply to join us.