About MIles

MILES is a ride sharing app that provides on demand and scheduled rides to passengers from Drivers in their personal vehicles. However, MILES takes a different approach to ride sharing. Most notably, users will see a grand difference in our fare structure and business model. Unlike competitors, we charge our users one price per mile plus a small fee per trip which is wrapped into the minimum fare price. To add, we offer an optional membership that further reduce trip costs and provide access to additional benefits of our service.

Moreover, because we charge flat rates, Riders can easily predict their trip costs. This fare structure provides customers the convenience of knowing exactly what they'll pay, it also enables us to offer mileage packages, which is the ability for Riders to load their account with miles and use their balance at any given time. In addition to this, we provide Riders with the option to create a subscription that fits their personal needs. In conjunction with all of our existing value adding features and offerings, we are in pursuit of 10 additional pieces of intellectual property to add to the four we currently hold. These technologies, apart from one another, will allow us to exclusively offer even more useful, value adding features currently not offered by existing ride sharing services. However, collectively, the technologies will make MILES a powerhouse, providing us with several unfair advantages.

As an added benefit, MILES also gets rid of Surge and Prime Time pricing at peak hours and during high demand; instead, our technology allows us to offer our Riders a rate discount, while still positioning our Driver partners to earn more around these times of the day.

MILES is a significant part of the future of ride sharing, our service and technology has justified our market position. By offering more to our Riders and Drivers at the start of our business, we are able to keep to our promise of providing a service that balances cost to our Riders and earnings for our Driver partners; making our service fair and valuable to all of our users.

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Join our private beta in Philly, PA and Wilmington, DE by signing up as a Rider or Driver, the beta is live. Be one of the first to use the app and provide your valuable feedback on our service. During the beta you'll be able to experience the most important features of our app.