Our Mission


MILES is a ride sharing & technology company designed to provide a seamless, integrated transportation system for users in urban cities around the country.

The problem we've discovered is that public transit will never be able to deeply penetrate the communities they serve, and other ride share companies will never be able to affordably provide consistent solutions to fill gaps in transit infrastructure. Through proprietary technology, we solve both of these problems.

Our goal is to move passengers smoothly throughout transportation systems by integrating proprietary technology to make the process of planning and traveling, down to the last mile, simple and easy.

Users of MILES and public transportation will find that our technology integration fills a huge gap in transportation and creates a one stop shop to affordably get from point A to Z.

Currently customers use Google trip planner, SEPTA’s transit app, Uber, Lyft and Taxis. All of which are separate alternative options to this problem; however, what we've created with our technology is a permanent solution for passengers and public transit companies.

We value the position and benefit of public transit companies in urban cities, and their positive impact on the environment. With that said, it is our mission to support the continued use of public transportation, while bridging gaps in infrastructure to get passengers to their last mile destinations, affordably and conveniently.