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Our subscription is best for Riders who has chosen to rely solely on ride sharing for their daily commute. Although this can be expensive, research has been conducted to confirm that using ride sharing services is much less inexpensive then owning a car. Choosing our subscription you save even more compared to other services. Keep scrolling to see the benefits of having a MILES subscription.



Subscription benefits

• Pay once for all of your projected trips
• Never pay higher rates due to demand
• Price lock, the price you see is the price you'll pay
• Exclusive rates, pay even less per trip
• Schedule your trips up to one year in advance

• Eliminate the hassle of paying for every trip
• Always have a ride when you need it
• Travel as far as your created plan will take you
• Tolls are included in your plan
• Use your plan for work and play



You can cancel your plan at any time during the subscription period. However, cancellation will only apply to the next subscription period, meaning your current subscription will continue until the end date you selected.