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Real People, Real Testimonials

I like that I know what I’m paying every time I travel to and from work, or other destinations I regularly travel to. Also, loading my account with miles makes it even better, because my trips are already paid for.
— Misha, Delaware

When I first learned about MILES I was excited, I always wondered why there were so many odd charges on my bill when I used Lyft. Now I see just two charges, the minimum fare and $1.65/mi - that’s it. I know exactly what I’m paying so I can budget my trips for the week much better. Plus there are no “Prime Time” charges, so I’m not paying extra for whatever reason.
— Andrew, Philadelphia

My work schedule varies, but my fare stays the same. When I used to use Uber and Lyft, my bill was always different. I never knew if I was going to pay $7 or $13 to get just less than four miles to or from work.
— Brandon, Philadelphia

I drive for MILES and I love it! My free time is worth more than just a few short, low paying trips. With MILES I can make a minimum of $150 a day and I can pick my work to make real extra money. I know when I start, when I’m done, how many miles I’ll travel, and most important how much I’ll make. They pay me well, but this is not a paid ad, I really enjoy how I earn with MILES.
— Leeia, Philadelphia

I ride and drive with MILES, its a truly revolutionary service. Because I’m a driver I get a rate discount when riding. I really don’t understand how though, since their rates are already over 30% less than Uber and Lyft’s, but I’m not complaining. I highly recommend MILES, if you want to ride and save or drive and earn, its worth a try, see for yourself.
— Danielle, Delaware

Ride sharing isn’t “new,” but with companies like this popping up and reinventing the industry so soon, it shows that there are lots of improvements to be made. I was reluctant to use ride sharing apps because of how unpredictable the costs were, MILES solved this problem for me in a big way. I wouldn’t travel around Philly any other way.
— Kevin, Philadelphia